Basement Construction and Retaining Walls in Farnham | Alternative Uses for Concrete Mixes

As a versatile and strong material, concrete is used for a wide range of construction projects. It can even be made stronger with steel, creating reinforced concrete for heavier-duty applications. As skilled formwork contractors and basement builders, the team at South East Formwork Ltd has provided concrete services for various needs and on this page, we look at some of the many uses of concrete.

From retaining walls and basement construction to foundations and beams, if you need concrete services in Farnham, Kingston, Woking or the surrounding areas, South East Formwork Ltd is ready to help.

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Uses of Concrete

Foundations and Buildings

Concrete is one of the most common materials used for the foundations of buildings and other structures. It can be used to create a range of foundations, including shallow and deep foundations, as well as retaining walls. With added steel or mesh, reinforced concrete offers even greater strength and resistance which is perfect for foundations.

Concrete is also used in other areas of buildings. For example, formwork contractors create concrete floors, columns and walls. Concrete is also used by basement builders in basement construction.

Roads and Car Parks

These days, most roads in Farnham and across the UK are made from asphalt, but around 400 miles of England’s motorways and A-roads are still concrete. Concrete was a popular choice for roads in the 1960’s and 1970s, when there was a lot less traffic on the roads.

You are also likely to see car parks made from concrete, particularly multi-storey car parks. Furthermore, many bridges are constructed using concrete.

Driveways and Paths

Although not as common for roads anymore, concrete is still widely used for footpaths and driveways. This ranges from garden paths and domestic drives to public footpaths and commercial forecourts.

Many homeowners and commercial clients in the Farnham area choose concrete because it is affordable, hard-wearing and provides a neat finish.


Basement builders use standard and reinforced concrete to create strong, safe basements. Basement construction can involve retaining walls, concrete base floors and block and beam construction. Formwork contractors may use formwork to create the basement structure.

Concrete is ideal for basements because it is stronger than other options and does not rot, warp, rust or burn. Furthermore, concrete cannot be eaten or damaged by pests and will keep out water.

Other Uses of Concrete

  • Dams

  • Marine Construction

  • Culverts and Sewers

  • Walls

  • Bridges

  • Floors and Slabs

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