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Reinforced Concrete in Wentworth
Formwork Contractors in Cobham and the Surrounding Areas

The reinforced concrete services we offer clients throughout the areas we cover are relevant to a wide range of construction works. From basement conversions and installations to retaining walls, our formwork is regularly requested for various construction projects in Surrey and beyond. Our formwork contractors have worked with concrete for many years and understand its abilities and advantages. Its tensile strength, for example, guarantees stability under immense pressure from above, and the durability its regarded for makes concrete one of the most beneficial building materials available. 

Concrete is all around us, yet we don’t always see it. Rest assured it forms part of the foundations which secure your home, commercial premises, or industrial unit, protecting each building from extreme conditions and structural instability. Building projects carried out by our formwork contractors in Chobham, Cobham, Farnham, Guildford, Kingston, Richmond, Wentworth, Weybridge, Wimbledon, Woking and the surrounding areas all benefit from this form of construction. 

Reinforced Concrete Explained

Simply put, this product is formed by embedding a framework of steel bars or mesh into the ground and pouring liquid concrete over it. As it dries, the concrete will form around the grid and harden in place, benefitting from the additional support offered by the steel. The reinforcement process aids in the support of heavy traffic, additional weight loads, and everyday stresses and strains put on the concrete. 

It has a wealth of advantages for the building industry and is usually used in the construction of the following:

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Under and Overground Carparks

  • Basement Installations

  • Commercial Units

  • External Walls

  • Foundations

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Outdoor Public Spaces

The Benefits of Reinforced Concrete

The combination of steel and concrete guarantees additional strength, durability and longevity, whilst remaining a cost-effective solution with fire-resistant advantages. Both products are easily sourced, readily available for a wealth of projects across the south east, and are virtually maintenance free.

Reacting to changes in temperature in similar ways, the steel and concrete mix is rarely affected by external conditions such as extreme weather. They also expand and contract in similar ways, making their combination a tried and tested method of construction which has been used within the industry since the 19th century, and yet to be improved upon. Concrete’s versatility also allows it to be poured easily into a variety of forms, solidifying to any given shape which is held in place by our formwork processes. 

South East Formwork’s contractors provide this professional service – up as far as ground level – for small residential builds and basement conversions, along with medium-sized infrastructural projects in Chobham, Cobham, Farnham, Guildford, Kingston, Richmond, Wentworth, Weybridge, Wimbledon, Woking, and the surrounding areas. 

We specialise in both shallow and deep foundations, as well as reinforced concrete foundations and flooring. Our services also include beams, columns, slabs, and walls. The concrete we use comprises of Portland cement, aggregates, water, and the specific reinforcement material required for your domestic or commercial project.

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