Reinforced Concrete in Kingston | Our Basement Builders List Some Interesting Concrete Facts

Concrete is one of the most popular building materials in the UK and across the world. From basement construction and retaining walls to slabs and columns, concrete is used for a diverse range of projects and features. Consequently, you are likely to see concrete everywhere you go, but have you ever wanted to know more about this material? Below, our formwork contractors and basement builders look at some interesting facts about concrete.

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Facts About Concrete

It Gets Stronger Over Time

Concrete contains calcium hydroxide which absorbs carbon dioxide and turns into calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate does not dissolve in water. As such, concrete continues to get stronger, making it ideal for retaining walls, basement construction and endless other applications.

The Romans Used Concrete

Concrete existed even in ancient times. Like modern formwork contractors and basement builders, the Romans used a form of concrete to build a range of structures. One notable example is the Pantheon.

The Look of Concrete Can be Modified

It is now possible to make concrete look like other materials, such as wood, tiles, cobbles and brick. It can also be polished, stained and stamped to create your desired look. This allows customers in the Kingston area to enjoy the look of more expensive materials at an affordable price.

Concrete is Incredibly Strong

Concrete has impressive compression strength and commonly reaches 3000-7000 psi (pounds per square inch). Concrete can also be further strengthened by adding steel – this is known as reinforced concrete.

It is Resistant to Fire and Water

Concrete is highly resistant to both fire and water, making it a popular choice for bridge and basement construction as well as a wide range of other structures, including underwater structures.

Concrete is Easy to Shape

Because concrete is poured and cast, concrete and formwork contractors can create curved and ornamental pieces. This makes it a flexible option for all kinds of designs in Kingston and the surrounding areas.

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