Basement Builders in Cobham | Our Construction Team Looks at the Many Uses a Basement Can Offer

South East Formwork Ltd offers a range of construction facilities which complement the building services of the companies we work alongside. Our work begins at the groundworks and excavation stage, preparing the area in question for the installation of retaining walls and complete basement construction. Using only the best materials for the jobs in hand, our formwork contractors and basement builders specialise in the production of reinforced concrete, which we use to guarantee the strength and support required for the building of commercial and medium-sized infrastructural projects throughout the areas we cover, including Windsor, Cobham, Farnham, Guildford, Kingston, Richmond, Wentworth, Weybridge, Wimbledon, and Woking.

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Basement Benefits

If you’re considering having a basement installed underneath your existing premises, or including one as part of proposed plans, make sure you make the most out of this additional space. Unlike other conversions or extensions where access may be limited, or the floorspace compact, basement construction offers a variety of opportunities for both domestic and commercial properties in Cobham and the surrounds.


  • Additional Living Space

  • Extra Bedrooms

  • Games Room

  • Home Gym

  • Home Studio

  • Laundry Facilities with Storage

  • Movie Theatre

  • New Fitted Kitchens


  • Additional Office Space

  • Apartment Laundry Room

  • Bars and Restaurants

  • Carparking Facilities

  • Public Gym

  • Retail Units

  • Swimming Pool

  • Wine Cellars

A selection of the above can be used in either domestic or commercial settings, depending on the size of the basement in question and budget restraints. Our basement builders and formwork contractors at South East Formwork will create the perfect concrete mix – such as waterproof or reinforced concrete – to ensure the stability of the area in question, along with the installation of retaining walls which will withstand a multitude of external pressures. 

Although basement construction is not as common in the UK as it was pre-1960s, it is possible to convert the ground underneath properties in order to create these additional spaces. In various regions of North America, for example, basements are necessary as the foundations must be built beneath the frost line due to the chances of extreme weather conditions. This is not an issue in this country as we rarely experience such harsh situations. But the realisation that basement construction offers a considerable amount of possibilities in both domestic and commercial settings, however, makes them a common requirement for new build properties in Cobham and the surrounding areas in which our teams of formwork contractors and basement builders provide our professional services. We are also more than happy to offer advice on construction projects, based on our many years of experience in this area.

For more about these facilities, please click onto the relevant pages throughout our website, or contact us on the numbers below. South East Formwork is a leading name in the production and installation of retaining walls, reinforced concrete, falsework and formwork for the commercial industry.

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