Reinforced Concrete and Retaining Walls in Wimbledon | The Tools of Our Trade

To achieve high-quality concrete structures which stand the test of time, it’s important to use the proper tools. At South East Formwork Ltd, our formwork contractors and basement builders use a variety of tools to ensure exceptional standards on each job. Read on to learn about some of the equipment we use for our basement construction processes, including excavation, drainage, reinforcement, formwork, concrete installations, and other relevant services. 

As experts in standard and reinforced concrete, many commercial clients in Wimbledon, Cobham, Guildford and the other areas we cover make us their first choice for concrete services.

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Tools for Site Preparation and Concrete Pouring

Plate Compactor

Used to level the ground before laying concrete.

Laser Level

Used to ensure the surface is level before pouring concrete and to check that poured concrete is level and the right height.

Concrete Mixers and Lorries

Mix concrete to the right consistency. Truck mixers are used for larger projects while portable mixers are ideal for smaller concrete requirements.

Concrete Vibrator

For compacting and settling concrete. This tool also removes any air bubbles.

Concrete Rakes

Used to push and pull laid concrete into place. The long handle allows effective levelling from a distance.

Formwork Systems

Our formwork contractors in Wimbledon construct temporary moulds to create various reinforced concrete structures, such as columns and beams. Materials used include steel, aluminium and special plastics.

Concrete Finishing Tools

Any reputable person working with concrete, from basement builders to civil engineers, will use finishing tools to get concrete surfaces exactly as they need to be.

South East Formwork Ltd works to the specifications of each job to deliver the ideal finish, whether undertaking basement construction or building retaining walls.

Screed Levellers

Help level and compact the concrete by tamping across the surface.

Concrete Floats

Used to further level and smooth the surface.

Groove Cutters

Used to create patterned grooves in concrete surfaces. This is popular for high-traffic areas to prevent skidding and slipping. It is also common in agricultural settings.

Concrete Edgers

Create rounded concrete edges to help prevent chipping or flaking.

Concrete Testing

Our formwork contractors and basement builders in the Wimbledon area use specialist tools to test the structural integrity of concrete, ensuring concrete has suitable strength and durability for its intended purpose. This is important for standard and reinforced concrete.

Moisture Meter

Detects moisture up to 1 inch deep to see if there is excess moisture in the concrete.


Used to determine humidity and temperature to ensure optimal drying conditions.

Miscellaneous Tools

Other tools commonly used for concrete excavations, drainage, reinforcement, formwork, concrete installations, and other basement construction applications include:

  • Wheelbarrows

  • Shovels

  • Rubber boots and gloves

  • Knee pads

  • Trowels

  • Screed mixtures

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