Basement Construction by Experienced Formwork Contractors in Wentworth | Why Concrete Floors Make Sense in Any Project

Not only is concrete used for external building works, it is now becoming a popular choice for internal flooring layouts with polished surfaces a design feature of many modern properties. As part of our basement construction services, South East Formwork Ltd’s formwork contractors and basement builders mix and pour superior-quality concrete floors which dry to reveal solid and level platforms. We also specialise in the construction and installation of reinforced concrete and retaining walls. 

If you’re looking for domestic and commercial concrete services in Chobham, Cobham, Farnham, Guildford, Kingston, Richmond, Wentworth, Weybridge, Wimbledon, Woking, or any of the surrounding south east areas, we’re the company to call first.

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The Benefits of Concrete Floors

Whether you’re renovating your premises, or starting from scratch, concrete floors offer a range of benefits to suit, such as:


As it dries, concrete floors can be imprinted with a variety of patterns which mimic those provided by standard floor coverings. This saves purchasing additional materials, such as lino, carpet, timber, or composite boards. If the floor space is significant, then you’re instantly looking at a major saving. Polished floors add a contemporary feel to modern homes and commercial buildings, and look an awful lot more expensive than they actually are. 


Capable of withstanding immense pressures and harsh conditions, concrete is waterproof and fire resistant. This is why it’s the material of choice for the construction industry today, and probably for many years to come. Even the constant weight of an entire driveway of cars and recreational vehicles won’t have any effect on a concrete surface, proving it’s the ideal support for basement construction and retaining walls in Wentworth and the surrounding areas. 


Whether standard or reinforced, concrete is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, the concrete flooring laid by our basement builders and formwork contractors at South East Formwork is extremely easy to maintain, removing the need for constant industrial-strength cleaning. All that’s required is regular sweeping and a gentle wash – the same as any other household hard floor surface – and, if you have a sealant in place to preserve the surface, an additional coat applied biannually. 


Don’t think that you’ll have dull grey floors if you opt for concrete installations. Polished concrete floors present a lustrous finish which suits a number of modern private residences, as well as commercial and industrial properties. The effect is like marble, with a high sheen and smooth texture. It’s also a perfect accompaniment to underfloor heating. Changes in colour over time will only enhance the look of the finished result. 

If you’re thinking of using concrete flooring for your domestic build or commercial project in Wentworth, call us today at South East Formwork. Specialists in reinforced concrete installations, retaining walls, and basement construction, our experienced team of formwork contractors and basement builders is on hand to answer any questions and discuss our previous projects with you.

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