Basement Construction in Twickenham | Our Builders Offer Ideas for Your New Basement

Planning on having a new basement constructed? Wondering what your options are? Our basement construction specialists are here to help. On this page, we will outline three creative ideas for your new space, helping you to decide on the perfect fit for your home. As experienced formwork contractors, we have the skills needed to deliver a wide variety of projects for both domestic and commercial clients in the Twickenham area, so get in touch with one of our basement builders today to learn more about retaining walls, reinforced concrete and much more.

The ideas we will be exploring on this page are:

  • Home Office

  • Games Room

  • Kitchen

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Home Office

One of the best ways to make use of a new space in your home is to build a new home office. Our basement builders always recommend this project as it creates an ideal space for focusing while working from home. Many of our clients in the Twickenham area have remote jobs, so our formwork contractors often work on this project, using reinforced concrete to build a robust and long-lasting new basement. Talk with one of our basement construction specialists today to learn more about our process. 

Games Room

A basement games room is a great way to add a fun new space to your home. You could add a ping pong table, a pool table, a darts board, a pinball machine and much more, creating a relaxing space to unwind with friends and family. Ideal for kids, games rooms are hugely popular for a reason. 


While a traditional kitchen tends to be situated on the ground floor of your home, our basement builders have constructed many a basement kitchen for our clients in Twickenham and the surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for a sleek, subterranean cooking space or a cosy nook at the bottom of your home, this is the smart choice. Get in touch with one of our formwork contractors today to learn more about our services and processes, including building new retaining walls and working with reinforced concrete.

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