Basement Builders in Surbiton | The Many Uses of Reinforced Concrete

The advent of reinforced concrete ushered in a new era of construction, leading to a huge wave of large-scale, concrete buildings across the globe. A versatile building technique, it combines concrete's high compressive strength with the impressive tensile strength of steel rebar, creating a superbly strong structure that can withstand high stress and temperature changes. On this page, our formwork contractors will explain why this substance is useful for everything from aqueducts to basement construction and retaining walls. 

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The structures we will be covering on this page are:

  • Runways

  • Large Buildings

  • Bridges

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Reinforced concrete is often used for high-traffic, heavy-duty roads, so it makes sense that it is the material of choice for airport runways. Applied in large slabs that combine to form a huge, uniformly flat surface, this is a big project that requires a substantial team of formwork contractors to complete effectively. If you would like to learn more about this fascinating substance, please do not hesitate to contact one of our basement builders today. We also offer retaining walls and basement construction in Surbiton.

Large Buildings

While concrete has been around for millennia, it is only recently that it has been used to create large buildings. This is primarily due to the innovation of combining super-strong steel rebar, which guarantees much higher lateral resistance and improved structural strength. Whether it is used for a tall tower block or the inside of a glittering skyscraper, reinforced concrete forms the bedrock of most, if not all, large-scale buildings.


Long the domain of stone, brick and steel, modern bridges are now increasingly built from concrete. An economical material that requires less time and technical expertise to lay than intricate metalwork or stonemasonry, it is the obvious choice for everything from bridge-building to basement construction.The smart choice for reinforced concrete, retaining walls and much more in the Surbiton area, our basement builders at South East Formwork are happy to help. Get in touch with one of our formwork contractors today to learn more.

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