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Concrete has been used for centuries to construct buildings of every shape, size and design. Consequently, there are loads of iconic concrete structures across the world, from Rome to South America. On this page, we look at some famous structures made from concrete and reinforced concrete. We also explore the distinguishable Brutalist architecture of the post-war era, examples of which can be seen in Richmond and nationwide.

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Brutalist Architecture

Brutalism is an architectural style which emerged after the Second World War. Key features of Brutalist architecture are:

  • Rough surfaces

  • Massive forms

  • Unusual shapes

  • Expression of structure

  • Heavy-looking materials

  • Straight lines

Reinforced concrete is the ideal material for meeting such style elements thanks to its flexibility in design and finish, along with its strength and durability. Consequently, many Brutalist structures are made from concrete.

These days, harsh Brutalist designs are not as popular and concrete is more commonly used by formwork contractors and basement builders for things like roads, retaining walls, slabs, columns and basement construction.

Key Brutalist structures you may recognise:

  • Alton Estate near Richmond Park

  • The National Theatre, South bank

  • University of Sussex buildings

  • Barbican Centre and Estate, Central London

Concrete Structures Around the World

Concrete architecture is not only found in the UK. Brutalist buildings and concrete structures are present in countries across the world, as are formwork contractors and basement builders.

Some iconic concrete structures include:

  • The Pantheon, Rome

  • Bank of London and South America (BLAS), Buenos Aires

  • Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

  • The Motherland Calls, Volgograd

  • Burj Khalifa, Dubai

  • Causeway Bridge, Louisiana

  • Hoover Dam, Nevada/Arizona border

  • Panama Canal, Panama

Of course, concrete and reinforced concrete are also used in everyday construction, from retaining walls and driveways to basement construction.

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