Formwork Contractors in Croydon | The Benefits of Gravity Retaining Walls

Looking to have a new retaining wall installed in your garden? Wondering what the best option is for your commercial property? On this page, our experienced formwork contractors will make the case for gravity retaining walls. The smart choice for clients in Croydon, Surbiton and the surrounding areas, South East Formwork offers reinforced concrete walls of the highest quality. We are also basement builders, providing a range of basement construction options for homes and businesses. 

The advantages that we will be exploring on this page are:

  • Good for Tight Spaces

  • Curves and Corners

  • Straightforward Installation

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Good for Tight Spaces

As gravity retaining walls do not require the same level of excavation as, say, a cantilever wall, they are well suited to residential gardens with little room to work with. Formed by large slabs of reinforced concrete, these walls do not require any external anchoring or leverage to effectively hold back a significant amount of weight, instead using their own mass to keep the soil at bay.

Our formwork contractors are happy to walk you through our options. Our basement builders also offer basement construction services for clients across the Croydon area and beyond.

Curves and Corners

Again, as these walls depend on their own weight to provide a strong barrier, they can be shaped around the natural curves and contours of your garden with little hassle. With other methods this can become quite complex and labour-intensive, but that is not the case with the gravity technique. These walls are also great for commercial properties as they are economical and can be coloured and patterned to suit your businesses’ preferred aesthetic.

Straightforward Installation

Gravity retaining walls are undoubtedly one of the fastest to install. With no need to create the heel that features in a cantilever system, or an anchor or piling, they can be installed quickly without any effect on safety or effectiveness. We recommend this method if you are interested in a more straightforward and efficient retaining wall installation.

Here at South East Formwork, our formwork contractors offer a wide range of services involving reinforced concrete, including basement construction. Get in touch with one of our basement builders today to learn more about our services in Croydon and beyond.

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