Skilled Builders Offering Basement Construction in Clapham | Things to Consider Before Building a Basement

Looking to add extra living space to your Clapham home? Don’t want to alter the period exterior? Basement construction may be the answer. Our skilled basement builders offer a high-quality service for our clients in Croydon and the local area, delivering exceptional results for a fair price. Whether you are interested in retaining walls or new foundations, our formwork contractors’ expertise with reinforced concrete makes us the smart choice for your next project.

On this page, we will be exploring three key considerations to keep in mind when constructing a new basement for your home. They include:

  • Building Regulations

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Lighting

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Building Regulations

One of the most important things to consider when building a new basement is the position of the local council. New basement construction is a complex and pricey endeavour that should not be initiated before you have a firm grasp of the building regulations in your area. 

Failure to adhere to building control stipulations could result in severe consequences, including a hefty fine, prosecution or even having to fill in your new basement. Our formwork contractors are happy to offer advice on the planning application process, so get in touch today if you live in Clapham to find out more about our retaining walls and reinforced concrete. 

Energy Efficiency

Insulation is hugely important when building any new structure, as it allows you to maintain a more comfortable ambient temperature all year round. This saves you money on energy costs and is much better for the environment as it reduces your carbon footprint. We always recommend investing in high-quality, insulating materials when building a new basement.


Do you want your basement to benefit from natural lighting? This must be considered early on to make sure that it is incorporated into the planning process from the beginning. Our basement builders tend to recommend having windows as part of your basement construction plan, if possible, as it creates a less stuffy environment. 

If you want any more tips from professional formwork contractors, call us today. We are the smart choice for reinforced concrete, retaining walls and much more in the Clapham area.

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