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Reinforced Concrete Services by Experienced Basement Builders in Chobham
Your FAQs Answered

As trusted formwork contractors and basement builders in the South East, we receive a lot of questions about reinforced concrete, basement construction, retaining walls and formwork. To help our customers find the answers to their questions more easily, below we have answered some of the most common questions we are asked. Of course, you are welcome to contact South East Formwork with any further queries.

Our company provides expert services in Chobham, Farnham, Guildford and all the surrounding areas.


Will my basement be damp?

No. Watertight concrete is a key element of basement construction. Our basement builders also remove excess water and install cavity drain membranes, creating completely waterproof basements.

Which type of reinforcement do you use in concrete?

For reinforced concrete, we use either metal rebars or mesh.

Which types of retaining wall can you build?

We offer the following retaining walls:

  • Soil

  • Gravity

  • Sheet Pile

  • Cantilever

  • Pre-Cast

What do you build with reinforced concrete?

Our team in Chobham and the South East specialises in reinforced deep and shallow foundations as well as beams, slabs, columns, walls and retaining walls.

Which formwork systems do you use?

Our formwork contractors are skilled in:

  • System Column Formwork

  • Horizontal Panel Formwork

  • Slipform Formwork

  • Jumpform Formwork

  • Vertical Panel Systems

  • Permanent Formwork

  • Falsework

Do I need an existing cellar to build a basement?

No. Our basement builders in the Chobham area provide a full service to create new basements on any existing site. This includes land clearance, excavation, underpinning, retaining walls and all other required work.

Is reinforced concrete better than normal concrete?

For certain applications, concrete reinforced with rebar or mesh is a better choice. This is because the reinforcement gives the concrete more strength under tension. Our formwork contractors will advise on the best option for your project in Chobham or the surrounding areas.

Why should I consider basement construction?

Basement builders create more usable space within a property. This is ideal if the size of your property no longer meets your needs. Adding a basement is also an effective solution if you have already extended as much as possible above ground. In addition, you may consider a basement instead of an extension if you don’t have enough outside space to build on or don’t want to lose any outdoor space.

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