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If there is one building material that defines 20th century architecture, it is reinforced concrete. Pioneered by French inventor François Hennebique, who first experimented with combining concrete with steel rebar in the late 19th century, it has gone on to become the defining characteristic of brutalism, the dominant style during the post-war years. On this page, our formwork contractors at South East Formwork will outline the impact that this material has had on the buildings we live and work in.

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A Revolutionary Material

One of the earliest examples of the technology that would lead to reinforced concrete is the Pantheon in Rome, a hugely impressive dome constructed by the Romans in AD 128. With intricate detailing, this masterfully designed and constructed dome has survived for nearly two thousand years, demonstrating the impressive longevity of concrete.

But it was only in the 19th century that engineers had the idea of strengthening concrete structures with steel bars. This innovation unlocked a wealth of possibilities, allowing much larger and complex structures to be built from concrete. From basement construction to new retaining walls, our formwork contractors will tell you that so many modern construction methods rely on this revolutionary material. 

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The Hallmark of Brutalism

After so much of Europe was destroyed during World War II, governments across the continent were looking for a fast and economical way to house the millions of people whose homes had been razed. The resulting buildings are instantly recognisable, having reached their zenith in the 1960s and 70s – picture a housing estate or a tower block and a large concrete structure is what comes to mind.

Some of the main benefits of reinforced concrete are:

  • Extreme Temperature Resistance

  • High Tensile Strength

  • High Compressive Strength

  • Exceptional Durability

  • Economically Viable

  • Energy Efficient and Insulating

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