Reinforced Concrete in Ascot | Our Formwork Contractors Discuss Three Famous Concrete Buildings

While reinforced concrete is not thought of as the most glamorous building material, the reality is that it is the lifeblood of modern construction and is responsible for many of the most iconic buildings of recent times. Here at South East Formwork, our formwork contractors use this material for a wide variety of projects in the Ascot area, from basement construction to retaining walls. On this page, our basement builders will outline three famous concrete buildings.

These include:

  • The Pantheon

  • The Barbican

  • Sydney Opera House

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The Pantheon

You wouldn’t expect one of the grandest Roman buildings to be made of concrete, but this stunning relic of the Roman Empire is a pioneering example of the possibilities of unreinforced concrete. A soaring dome decorated with geometric patterns it was built in AD 128, nearly two thousand years ago. Our formwork contractors will attest to the sheer technical mastery required to create such a huge structure without the aid of steel rebar, and it remains the largest dome of its kind after nearly two millennia.

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The Barbican

The defining brutalist structure in London has to be the Barbican. A revolutionary project, this huge, concrete estate combines a school, a theatre, a cinema, a library and two thousand flats. Towering over the London skyline, the tower blocks were originally intended as social housing, but have since become highly sought-after private abodes.

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Sydney Opera House

The iconic Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous concrete buildings, with its huge, sail-like design the result of skilful concrete construction. It also has an extensive network of reinforced concrete supports that sink deep into the sea bed. While not the ideal candidate for basement construction, the Sydney Opera House nevertheless shows what can be done with this fantastic material.

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